It follows Bonus Lent, natch.

I’m here in Kansas City this Quasimodo Sunday, fresh off Mass at Old St. Patrick’s Oratory. It was great to see old friends, and to see the Oratory full. The Institute’s apostolate, in the heart of SSPX/FSSP territory, is growing, and rightfully so. The church has always been beautiful, ever since the Restoration more than 10 years ago. If you want to see what the Institute can do with a restoration when given the resources, this place, and Wausau, are the crown jewels. I wish someone would drop $5-10 million on St. Francis de Sales in St. Louis. You think it’s gorgeous now? You would weep for joy on that day. May it come.

Only Canon Altiere, the Rector of Old St. Patrick’s, could deliver such a great sermon on this day. For how could Quasimodo Sunday pass without thinking of Notre Dame? And that universally felt but unspoken connection with the Mohammedan attacks on Catholics in Sri Lanka? He delivered a sermon that tied together the joy of Easter, the witness of Martyrdom, the example and beauty of the liturgy, and the motherhood and magisterium of the Church.

The time for fear may come for me. Heck, almost certainly. But I don’t fear now. I am determined to let the joy of the Conqueror of death fill me and inform my life. As long as the sacraments are available to me, I will seek them. As long as any live whom I love, I will love them. And I pray for the grace to live my life that something of it will endure in the life to come.

Christ has risen! He is Victorious! Rejoice!