Today’s Catholic internet news is this post from the blogger at That the Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill. Read it. I have canvassed this subject before. Others have parsed the law governing the abdication, conclave, and pontificate at issue. But I defy you to read this good, thorough, heartfelt plea from a faithful Catholic and tell me why the question of whether Benedict is or is not still pope is off limits.

I have no authority to say so if he is. But everything in me screams that we are in totally horrible, unprecedented waters. As the post states, if Francis is who they claim him to be, Christ’s promises have to be interpreted in a radically different way than we all grew up understanding them. Undoubtedly, those who adhere to the Francis is of course the pope position would retort exactly that. But it doesn’t FEEL right. It has NEVER felt right.

Yes, From where I sit I cannot decide whether Francis is pope. But the question is legitimate, and those charged with the care of souls have a DUTY to investigate, and to report to the faithful in a transparent way.

Read the whole thing. An extended quote:

The concerns the letter writers express about Pope Francis build a compelling case that Pope Francis is a heretic and wilfully so. I would add nothing nor take away from anything they have said about the man who daily, with more and more urgency, makes a mockery of all that Holy Mother Church holds as sacred, venerable and holy.

What I would say is that if it is the case that Pope Francis is a heretic, or can be spoken of as such, Holy Church somehow, sooner rather than later, needs to revisit the subject of why generations upon generations upon generations of Catholics have held this supreme moment of crisis to be an impossibility, because the Office is preserved by Christ Himself for the Salvation of souls and the preservation of the Most Holy Faith in the Church which He loves and for Whom He Himself gave Himself up to Death. This Church, the Catholic Church, the One True Church, His Bride it is which is imperilled by the man the Church and the World knows as Pope Francis. We must however know for certain whether ‘Pope Francis’ exists or whether we are confronting with his heresies ‘Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’. Yes, that is important.

God can allow a great delusion to be sent among the people of God from within the bosom of the Church. God permitted Martin Luther to do precisely this. Yes, in His “permissive will”, God can allow a great delusion which will lead souls to believe their own grievous errors. Catholics have not previously accepted that God would permit that this scandal would originate from His own Vicar. Saints and scholars have raised the possibility as one to be studied, but the belief that it could happen has never been either partially or universally accepted. Yes, there is your paradigm shift. That is the real reason you and I suffer so much. Every aspect of our Faith is under attack, including our belief that the Pope will not, by God’s Providence, lead the People of God along the broad road to perdition.

Therefore, if we are going to accuse the man who leads, not merely promotes, the destruction of Christian faith and morals, by subterfuge mainly, but sometimes in a brazen and naked manner, a man who does this in any possible way he can without giving away his evil plan entirely or unmasking himself completely, a man who instills within the Church, at all levels, unprecedented fear and who micromanages a tyranny of relativism from what we are led to believe is the very summit of the Church, if we are going to accuse that man of heresy, that man divinely appointed with supreme authority in the Holy Church of God, whom no man, no authority on Earth can judge, well, we had better be 100% certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that that man is the Pope.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!