Of course, this is not good enough, compared to what the brave legislators and governor of Alabama have done, but it is still an excellent and necessary bill.

Legislation in Georgia, Missouri, Alabama and other places are the vehicles for the Supreme Court to do what it should do– if the Constitution means anything to them (ahem, no, I’m not on drugs)– overturn Roe v. Wade.

The minimum justifiable position on abortion is that the Constitution is silent on the issue, and hence the states, in their sovereign police power, can put any or all restrictions on abortion that they choose to do.  Moreover, in my humble legal opinion, the 5th and 14th Amendments justify a total ban on abortion in every state.

But, knowing the diabolical forces arrayed against little babies, and the wimpiness of most legislators and judges, this panoply of various bans, restrictions and all other strictures short of a total ban give the Court the opportunity to greatly curtail the genocide using one of these state laws as a platform.

So, rejoice.  There is little enough reason to rejoice these days.