The headline, following significant victories by national sovereignty parties in EU elections, is this:

Pope Francis sounds racism alarm as EU nationalists win big

I suppose this could be a permanently pinned post.

The European order was saved by the Catholic faith in the wake of the destruction of the Roman Empire. The Church saved its history and preserved its future, culminating in the glory of Christendom. The remnants of order today, now that the last five centuries have decimated Christendom, are found in the existence of nation states with a meaningfully Catholic population. Of course this is on the way out, too, but the embers of that glorious flame of Christendom sometimes flare up, to the embarrassment of communists and globalists–like those in charge of the Vatican.

And so they call names. Racist. Hate. And they smear good people with the labels they themselves act out.

In France, Britain and Italy, those who love their countries made significant gains. And in Italy especially, where a simple politician did rebuke the putative pope by doing what Bergoglio would never do– holding up a Holy Rosary, kissing it with love of the Virgin, and consecrating his efforts, his life, his people, to Mary– the party of national sovereignty gained a majority.

The elitists are stunned, so Bergoglio calls the opponents of the elites “elitists” The would-be destroyers of the native races of each European nation call their targets of destruction “racists”. The man who lives behind walls, in a country with no immigration, decries walls.

He and his masters don’t want to save Europe. It is inconvenient to them, and they want to replace it.

Salvini, as did Pope Benedict XVI, cites the patrons of Europe, like St. Benedict. Bergoglio, like the UN, cites humanitarianism and centralized control.

I have no illusions that this, or any, political effort, will solve our problems. But I am firmly convinced that Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God, will solve them, and will triumph over her, and our, enemies. Thats why this little effort, invoking her heart, catches my attention.

Can we not see how much good would follow the pope consecrating Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, as she has asked him to do?