Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider call for prayer and fasting to prevent six “serious” theological errors and heresies contained in the Amazon synod working document from being approved.

Prayer is powerful, more powerful than most understand.

Can we not turn this power to something way more important? What’s that, you ask?

Well, there are two men wearing white, styled as pope.

There can only be one pope.

One we know was canonically elected; he’s still alive. He still wears papal attire, without seriously explaining why that is. Still wears a ring, which the new guy has been photographed kissing. Still calls himself pope, allows others to do so as well. He lives in the Vatican. Imparts his papal blessing. Has been quoted saying he has retained some portion of the Petrine ministry, remaining in the “enclosure of Peter”.

The other was elected after the first one supposedly abdicated after considerable outside pressure. You’ve never read this blog if you haven’t heard that there are serious concerns about whether this putative abdication was effective. The new one goes about promoting heresies, claiming to alter constant Church teaching and mollycoddling sodomites, perverts, criminals, apostates, and heretics. Also likes to condemn Catholics who still believe in the Church’s doctrines and who love the Rosary and the ancient Mass.

Now we have the latest outrage (about which we can muster so little outrage): a synodal working document that contains six “serious” theological errors and heresies, according to faithful prelates. And there is no one who does not believe that Francis is capable, if not eager, of approving them.

So, the question where it all starts and ends remains: which of these two men is actually the pope?

To state it another way, in the end who really cares if an antipope approves of heresy?

So, I ask: can we pray and fast to end the confusion and learn just whether the man called Francis is or is not an antipope?

Do we care?