Without endorsing or condemning its conclusions, I found this post at Les Femmes- the Truth to be very interesting and worth careful reading. Clearly, those with any Catholic sense and eyes to see know very well that the situation in Rome is bizarre, unprecedented and furthermore is causing profound confusion. It is natural to try to make sense out of it in light of what we know about our Lord and His fidelity.

And so, some say we have an abdication and a bad pope. Others say we have an abdication but that Bergoglio was not validly elected or else has lost the papacy through heresy, leaving the See vacant. Others say we have an invalid abdication (done through mistake or intent) and Benedict is still pope. Others say Benedict created a unique situation and bifurcated the ministry of the papacy while retaining the office. Others say Benedict retained the office but resigned its exercise, creating a “pontificate of exception”. Others say that the abdication was invalid but that the attempt to bifurcate the papacy was a heresy that caused Benedict to lose his office, and thus the See is vacant.

As you can see, a total mess is what we have. And in the void the sodomites and satanists in the hierarchy are running amok.

Again, submitting my personal opinions, theorized without sufficient knowledge to make them conclusions, and submitting always to the lawful Supreme Pontiff and to the correction of Holy Mother Church, I tend to think Benedict intentionally retained his office to protect it from the Church’s enemies. The above linked article takes the Socci “pontificate of exception” thesis and uses it as a jumping off point. Again, an interesting take.

What is almost certainly true in this article is that this situation is likely tied up with Fatima and/or the End of the World. What is definitely true is that repentance, prayer, and fasting are very good ideas.

Our Lady Fatima, protect the faithful remnant and save souls!