Oh, I remember the halcyon days of 2018-19, when I so naively wrote posts about “Bonus Christmas” and “Bonus Lent”. I wrote that since the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary did not occur in 2017– the 100th Anniversary of Fatima– it felt like the chance to gain the spiritual fruits of those seasons was like a bonus.

So foolish. Little did I know.

But now, the state and the Church– especially the hierarchy of the Church– is bent on killing the very little that remains of the faith. No Mass. No sacraments at all for some. No courage to resist the persecution. A whimper, not a bang. No Easter Mass. NO. EASTER. MASS.

You want bonus? We got bonus. Bonus passion.

Bonus Passion Sunday.

So, now I know what “bonus” actually means, I say I need God’s grace to endure it– to accept it– to love it. May God keep us in His Grace, while we await the sure triumph of His Son and His Mother.

God be with us all.