You have already heard that the Minnesota Catholic Bishops stood up to the Governor’s ridiculous limitations on the size of congregations at Mass.  That small statement of the Church’s inherent autonomy and that small evidence of spine made the Bishops look like modern St. Athanasiuses.  Yes, that’s how bad things are.

If all that would have happened as a result of their declaration was to be arrested or perhaps just ignored, the spiritual (and by spiritual I mean the most real of all realities) results would have been great.  Standing for Christ, whether in the dock or on the gibbet, is of inestimable, eternal value.

But in addition to that truth, in this case the bishops got a bonus result: the secular bullies have stood down.  That’s what happens when you stand up to a bully.  They don’t like it.  They get by on fear.

And I have no doubt that Our Lord and Lady especially blessed the bishops of Minnesota with this result because they were the first to stand for the rights of His Mystical Body.

Doubt me?  Good luck with that.  May all remaining Catholic bishops follow their lead– and expand upon it.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!