Imagine my shock– SHOCK– that the cuck appointed by the younger member of the Bush crime family sided with “the liberals” and struck down a very mild Louisiana restriction on abortion designed to “protect the health of the mother” who elects to murder her innocent child. Even using the word mother for such a destroyer of her maternity turns my stomach.

At least Kavanaugh and Gorsuch dissented. But of course, that’s the game. Let’s see how they vote when their vote would make a difference. Roberts is a traitor and a criminal against humanity. His rank betrayal of the rule of law that began with the Obamacare opinion continues with no end in sight. Sided with the liberals? He is the chief and prime agent of them. He makes David Souter (appointed by the head of the Bush crime family) look like Chuck Norris.

The court has doubled down on defying God evident in Divine and Natural Law.

We are well and truly beeped, humanly speaking. Weather forecast calls for 90% chance of fire from the sky. God help us.

But don’t give up! Be safe out there! We’re all in this together!