Most years on this date I greet my readers with a post memorializing the end of the American experiment embodied in the fall of Vicksburg on July 4, 1863 (which, coupled with Gettysburg, ended any realistic hope of Southern victory in arms). Or sometimes I post a pithy greeting “celebrating” the victory of some Freemasons over the illegitimate Protestant Monarch.

But no, not today. Though King Lincoln killed the Constitution long ago, though our judges and petty tyrant politicians have dug it up and killed it over and over again, I will play it straight today.

We still have something to celebrate. We still have a modicum of freedom, if we are willing to defend it. We have not lost forever the rule of law, if we are willing to work to get it back. And with all of our problems, our evil ways, our stupidity and laziness– even with all of it so obviously rampant– this is still the country where it is possible.

So, dear readers, God bless you. Happy Independence Day!