I can’t begin to express the gratitude that I feel towards all the readers over the years, old and new, friend and frenemy, who have found this blog useful, funny, informative, or inspirational in some way. So I’ll just say thank you. Thank you. Each and all of you, from the bottom of my heart. I have prayed for you, I will continue to pray for you. Please pray for me.

Started just about 14 years ago with the purpose of promoting the Traditional Mass, defending the Catholic Faith, standing up for Cardinal Burke and the other few faithful shepherds, and just having fun expressing my thoughts about our beautiful faith, the blog’s most useful days are long gone. As Bob Dylan says so well, “The party’s over, and there’s less and less to say.” I’m all used up, creatively.

This doesn’t mean that I will never blog again. I may. If I do, I will try to make the site known as well as I can. From a high of more than a thousand unique visitors on a normal day several years ago, it is more like fifty a day now, so it shouldn’t be hard to make any new blogging effort as “well” known. Who knows? I may be finally down to my proverbial “7 readers” by now. No matter. Thank you all. (Update: I am reposting this last post after deleting all of the blog content, so the very kind comments made in the combox are unfortunately lost beyond reposting. I have them, and thank you for them just the same. By just deleting contents, I have saved the site address and platform, which will likely be the vehicle for any future comeback, should it occur.)

Whatever times come, stay strong in the faith. Keep close to Christ and especially to our Mother, Mary. I pray God that we all will be faithful to the end. Nothing matters except Christ. He is the Savior. He is the Victor. We know how this ends.

I pray that we all meet in the Heavenly Kingdom in God’s good time. Farewell.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

And, as you undoubtedly would have guessed, I will end with some wisdom from Bob Dylan: