Leaving aside catechetical and liturgical considerations, the degradation of what passes as our system of education is the next biggest reason for the wholesale rejection of Western Civilization. The political response to the coronavirus “pandemic” has proven that this educational system is so death-producing that it must be completely abandoned and replaced.

The current reputed pandemic and the political response thereto highlights that the real damage to children’s academic progress and social formation from “distance learning” is actually less danaging than handing children back over to the brood of vipers who seek to destroy them in the name of education.

Like the proverbial tiger-by-the-tail, the schools can’t be trusted as they are and cannot easily be reformed. The political apparatchiks in charge reject the very civilization that gave them their power. They seek power only, and our children are merely means to an end.

This article from The American Thinker asks the obvious question quoted in the title to this post. Worth a read— one must see the depth of the problem before solutions can be found.

Ask yourself why even the most tyrannical of politicians who love to scare everyone into slavery are willing to encourage, allow, or at least consider reopening public schools. Is it because getting children back to school gets them out of the home and prevents the dangerous possibility that parents’ values will take precedence over theirs? That people might begin to actually think for themselves?

And yet it must be pointed out that the criticisms of public education apply almost equally to what is called Catholic education.

Homeschooling works best to inculcate parents’ values. But the commitment and skill-set needed aren’t universally possessed. This is why schools began in the first place. Those parents who delegate their responsibility to educate their children must take steps to ensure that the education they’ve contracted for is sound. The Church that founded a system to help parents do this must also take seriously her duty as mater et magistra.

Until Catholics and the Church hierarchy realize that Catholic cult and culture are the necessary underpinnings of real academic and social formation, the system is dead. And yet the hierarchy refuses to ensure the Catholicity of Catholic schools. And the faithful refuse to demand and reinforce the Catholicity of Catholic schools. Hence, in the post-“pandemic” environment, the Catholic system of education, which ought to lead the way in vivifying civilization, instead clings to its secular counterpart as it destroys all.

Face it: Homeschooling is currently the best way to limit the damage of modern maleducation. But a vibrant Catholic school system is the only way to restore real civilization. It has to start now. What we have now is neither Catholic, nor an education. It is a system of slaves, producing slaves for perpetual slavery.