Greetings, Dear Readers, and assurance of my prayers. A quick post today to canvass better bloggers:

Dymphna’s Road has some good advice and words of encouragement in these deplorable times.

Laramie Hirsch provides great insight, as usual. He also has a more personal post that tracks much of my thinking when I quit blogging for good for a couple of months back in January. Brother, I can relate. Not to be a fanboy, but he reminded me of the likely application of the prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success back in the 15th Century. Read about it at length. Today’s money-quotes from the Mother of God:

“The devil will work to persecute the ministers of the Lord in every way, working with baneful cunning to destroy the spirit of their vocation and corrupting many. Those who will thus scandalize the Christian flock will bring upon all priests the hatred of bad Christians and the enemies of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic, and Apostolic Church. This apparent triumph of Satan will cause enormous suffering to the good pastors of the Church…and to the Supreme Pastor and Vicar of Christ on earth who, a prisoner in the Vatican, will shed secret and bitter tears in the presence of God Our Lord, asking for light, sanctity, and perfection for all the clergy of the world, to whom he is King and Father.”

“Unhappy times will come wherein those who should fearlessly defend the rights of the Church will instead, blinded despite the light, give their hand to the Church’s enemies and do their bidding. But when [evil] seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground.

May that day of renewal come soon!