Or 1-0=1

So the rumors of what any good Catholic would pray for the Church to avoid have begun. Antonio Socci is reporting that Bergoglio, as early as this Fall, may resign whatever of the Petrine ministry he currently holds. So what does that mean?

It’s a disaster far beyond the disaster that Bergoglio’s reign of terror has been. There cannot be two popes. But Bergoglio would give us three. That is, if he could.

If Benedict did not abdicate effectively, of course, he remains pope. And Bergoglio and all his anti-successors would be just so many antipopes. Human psychology being what it is, the longer it goes on the more established the idea becomes. The more you knit the cable-knit sweater, as Pee-Wee Herman would say, the harder it is to unravel.

Yet if the papal office could be broken down into two or more ministries or functions, thus splitting the whole into fragmented parts, as say Ganswein and Socci, and—allegedly— Bergoglio and Benedict, then soon we’ll have three popes. Why not four? Or forty?

No, I’ll just go with the one pope thing.

If Benedict is pope, he remains pope regardless of Bergoglio being forced out of office resigning the office. If somehow Benedict did resign, then whether Bergoglio resigns or not, I must return to my lawyer’s task of straining gnats to swallow the camel of papal infallibility not being disproven by the current regime in Rome.

I guess what I really want is credit for being the first Catholic blogger to quote Pee-Wee Herman.