I used to wonder if citizens of the Roman Empire right before it fell had knowledge that the end was near, and if so, what they thought about it. Life goes on, day-by-day. One gets out of bed, prays (hopefully), lives out their state in life, engages in commerce and conversation, and goes to bed at night. But hanging over the Romans, whether they knew it or not, was the end of all they knew as normal life. Did it hang over them in a palpable way, like a pall? Did it infect and infuse these actions and affect their quality? Did they think they could change things? Did they pray God not to let it happen? That it couldn’t possibly happen?

As I sit here, typing away about our similar– or likely far, far worse– situation, the meteor is relentlessly and remorselessly hurtling towards us. I get up, pray (hopefully), live out my state in life (poorly), engage in commerce and conversation, and go to bed at night. Every day that goes by, I know we approach a date with destiny– a destiny we are choosing by our actions and inactions. By our sins and good works. I don’t know about you, but the sense of impending danger is palpable to me. It affects me and my actions. It alters how I experience trials and successes. I am a naturally outgoing and extroverted person, and thanks be to God I have faith and hope, and I pray also charity. But it is difficult to focus.

My dear wife is more easily affected and discouraged by the evil and stupidity that rules our countries and the Church. “Surely, people can see what’s going on?!”, she observes. But they generally don’t, and those who do seem to be satisfied with the mere fact that at least they themselves see it.

Nothing happens. We have no leadership. Nobody is organized, nor can a leader be found to do so. It is too late, and too early, as I read in an article recently. Too late to stop the disaster that has befallen and continues to befall us. Too early to address the aftermath.

No less an Authority than Our Lord said, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?” The question implies, as I’ve written before, that absolutely He will, but that it is a damn near run thing.

Ann Barnhardt cites scripture today, noting that because iniquity hath abounded the charity of men will run cold. It is cold indeed, and getting colder. The so-called shepherds of the Church are trying to kill the Mass. They are cooperating, some enthusiastically, with the cabal that wants us to be injected–at great harm to our physical and spritual lives– with experimental genetic material derived from aborted fetal cell lines. Some support persons losing their jobs, access to education, healthcare, the economy, and social life if they fail to do so. Many bishops last year shut down Masses more quickly and for longer that even the godless, secular governments.

In so doing, they have betrayed their flocks. They have sent the clear message that not only will they not stand up to the forces of evil, neither will they support our efforts to stand. Their actions betray an apparent lack of supernatural faith.

Not to mention the Bergoglio “reign”, yet enough has been said in this forum on that.

But this is not to let ourselves off the hook. We are paying for our own sins, our own laziness and effeminacy, our own slavish concern for our creature comforts. God will not be mocked. He is sovereign.

But He is also faithful, and His Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. Never doubt it. Thus, I’m not writing a post of despair. Stand firm. We must. It will almost certainly get a lot worse.

But just in case this kind of record survives the crash, and someone in the future wonders if the people of the early 21st century knew what was hanging over their heads, I just wanted to say, “Yes. We do.”

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.