Hi, everyone! Laudetur Iesus Christus!

Let’s begin today by considering three paragraphs from that wonderful and reliable catechism, The Catechism of the Ca the St. Pius X Catechism:

176. (35) Can the Catholic Church be destroyed or perish?

A. No; the Catholic Church may be persecuted, but she can never be destroyed or perish. She will last till the end of the world, because Jesus Christ, as He promised, will be with her till the end of time.

177. (36) Why is the Catholic Church so persecuted?

A. The Catholic Church is so persecuted because even her Divine Founder, Jesus Christ, was thus persecuted, and because she reproves vice, combats the passions, and condemns all acts of injustice and all error.

178. (37) Has a Catholic any other duties towards the Church?

A. Every Catholic ought to have a boundless love for the Church, ought to consider himself infinitely honoured and happy in belonging to her, and ought to labour for her glory and advancement by every means in his power.


The battle we are in will not result in the destruction of the Church. A basic point, but this is one for meditation. As long as at least one Catholic perseveres, the Church perseveres. Christ has guaranteed it.

And you never know but it might be you.


Next up on the agenda, I listened to Ann Barnhardt’s latest podcast and she made some great points about the ability— and NEED— to use the intellectual gifts God gives us to make decisions of conscience about the identity of the pope. Of course we need to do this. I have been guilty myself of saying the lame-dodge-disguised-as-holy-prudence-or-humility phrase “above my pay grade”. Yes, factual conclusions one draw can be incorrect. But one has the moral duty to seek the truth in good faith.

And once one reaches a decision, a real one, in conscience, the moral law requires you to act consistent with the truth. Not choosing is a choice. Not realizing that is either a dodge or paralysis. We need to man up.

To use an example, if you believe Bergoglio is an antipope and that Benedict still reigns, when you pray for the pope you must pray for Benedict. It’s that simple. God knows your heart. If you’ve reached the incorrect conclusion, there is no sin in that. Refusing to find out, to seek, and to accept the correction and authority of the Church, that’s the problem. If you believe a glass has poison, but drink it anyway, you sin. If you think it holds water but it is really poison, you might die, but you commit no sin.

Moving on, a couple of related items:

I was thinking the other day that, after dealing with Bergoglio for 8 years, that I have no problem with any so-called harsh treatment of famous heretics of the past. I mean, I really get it now— they kill souls, which is a magnitude of orders worse than murdering bodies. I pray that those heretics of today who are persecuting the Church will convert and work to repair their damage. Otherwise, let them be justly punished, if they do not convert. And as we are all sinners, and our sins harm the Mystical Body, may we all humbly convert, make reparation, and seek mercy while we may.

So, here is a helpful recap of true things: Only the pope can issue a papal motu proprio that binds the Church. Only the pope can suppress an order. Being excommunicated, placed under interdict, or otherwise being disciplined by an antipope MEANS NOTHING.



Finally, on a personal note, I have just gotten over the Coof. I don’t want to be dramatic, but let’s just say it was either on the easy side of serious, or the serious side of easy. I thank God that I have a doctor who actually treated me with therapeutic treatments that actually work: ivermectin, quercetin, D, C, zinc, prednisone, antibiotics and other supplements. And thus, I avoided the professional covid medicine political machine and I’m still here.

First sign of symptoms, I just gave it to Our Lady. I didn’t care about outcome after that, except obviously I was cognizant of praying to fulfill my duties of state as husband and father if God wanted that to continue. Like I posted before, I give thanks to Our Blessed Mother in this and all things.

We are all going to die, or else perhaps go through a wild end-of-the-world experience instead/in addition. I think it’s important we don’t worry about the particular vehicle that transports us to our particular judgement. We won’t get special treatment because it’s a virus or something else.

Be glad you are a child of the Church! Seek her glory and advancement everywhere. Be content, be brave!