Blessings to you all on this momentous and joyous feast day, the Feast of Christ the King. The title of this post is an old saying I lifted from a nice little pamphlet, The Reign of Christ the King–In Both Public and Private Life, by the late, great Michael Davies.

Men must look for the Peace of Christ in the Reign of Christ. Thus it has always been, since the Protoevengelium, when the Just God, also the Merciful God, announced to the first sinners the coming of the Messias. Since the Incarnation, there is One Man Who rules us. He rules all.

As soon as we face that Truth, all will make sense. Our King lives! He has conquered death! All things are subject to Him. Let us lovingly submit to such a King, and pray for the grace to live in this life according to His sovereign law. Then we may hope that we will live forever in his love.

It must be obvious by now that all the godless (or worse) governments in the world have failed, and failed spectacularly. Do not put your hope in them. Let us be not proud, but beg Our King and His Holy Queen Mother to save us and have mercy on us.

As the Cristeros said, “Viva Cristo Rey!” And Lord Jesus, reign over us!


There is still time to assist at Mass at an Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest apostolate, where one may obtain a plenary indulgence for so doing. Solemn High Mass at St. Francis de Sales Oratory is at 10:30 am.