I’m old enough to remember last year, when we heard all the panic that because of the overthrow of the West coroncold hospitals were full and we were all going to die (!!!!!!!). And yet those who were interested in reality found that that was a big lie. In fact, the hospitals were eerily empty and workers were laid off from lack of patients.

Thus, though I think this story is accurate, take it with a grain of salt. It would make sense though. After the initial cuts in staff in 2020, the death injection mandates have, and will continue to, force the firing or resignation of a high percentage of doctors and nurses.

So the “hospitals are overwhelmed”claim becomes much more believable. I think this is likely for two reasons: one there are far fewer workers to handle whatever traffic in the hospital they may be, and to the death injections are going to result i’m living in a higher amount of emergency cases of cardiac arrest strokes blood cards pulmonary problems and other serious to fatal reactions to the injections— short term catastrophic reactions, yes, but also long-term chronic reactions too.

I also want to highlight a great blog post with this nails-on accurate headline: coincidence rapidly becoming a leading cause of death of healthy young males. Read it and weep, for there is more to come.

It is as though some organize healthcare system to collapse the reasons not advertised. Hmmmmm, Cui bono?

And then what follows?