If you live in Chicago, go to your local Traditional Latin Mass. Cardinal Cupich has no authority to prohibit a priest from celebrating it, nor a layman from assisting at it. None. Not on the first Sunday of the Month, the Third Sunday, the Tenth Sunday or any other day.

Go to Mass. If you can, there is also a Rosary Rally at 11am in front of Holy Name Cathedral.

If you don’t live in Chicago, consider going to the traditional Mass in Chicago in solidarity with the beleaguered Catholics there.

Because it all starts this Sunday. The ICRSP, FSSP, IBP and other groups are on the clock. If they stand firm for Christ and His Holy Sacraments in the rites handed down by our forefathers– rites protected by Papal Bull and immemorial custom under principles of canon law– they will have won. Or at least begun to win. Why?

Because either Cardinal Cupich will 1) purport to punish them; or, 2) he wont.

Any such punishments arising from the former would be void, being themselves invalid and illegal. And after that, there really isn’t anything else he could do. Problem solved. Sure, there may be a number of very inconvenient, practical problems. But the law and the Faith and the Church, and most importantly, Christ Himself, are on the side of the Mass. We need to be prepared to go all the way to Calvary with Our Lord to defend the Mass. What is the Mass anyway, but Calvary?

And if no punishment follows, then the tyrant is defeated straightway.

Priests, you have the right to the Mass. Faithful, you have the right to the Mass. All of us have the duty to defend it. Stand!

May Our Lady protect us all in the times to come!