Congratulations to and blessings upon His Excellency Bishop Robert Finn, who has recently ordained 5 subdeacons for the FSSP. By so doing, His Excellency has upheld the rights of the clergy and faithful against the invalid attempt to restrict the ancient Mass and sacramental forms.

What I really like is not only is this a thumb in the eye to Bergoglio’s evil TC and Roche’s dubious dubia, but also a reminder that the traditional order of subdeacon also remains a reality, as traditional orders have been ordaining subdeacons continuously all the way back to the SSPX when Paul VI attempted to squash it.

Good for Bishop Finn, who was railroaded out of Kansas City largely for being too Catholic. See, once they “cancel” you, they can’t do it again. A lesson we all may learn soon enough.

The Institute usually ordains priests, deacons and subdeacons in July. I look forward to Cardinal Burke, Bishop Finn, or some other brave bishop ordaining another large group of young men to serve Christ and His Mystical Body the Church.

Just by doing what they have every right to do— bishops ordaining, priests offering the Mass, laity assisting at these and supporting their clergy— they are making Traditiones Custodes the dead letter it is.