Well, this is weird. Good, but weird.

As reported over at Rorate Caeli here, and here, Bergoglio met with the superiors of the FSSP and confirmed the use of the “1962” books for Mass, the sacraments and the Breviary for the FSSP. The communique of the Fraternity even states that Bergoglio stated that Traditiones Custodes does not apply to the FSSP, as the use of the traditional books is part of their foundational documents.

Of course, the usual advisals apply to this story: only a Pope can issue a motu proprio binding the universal Church. No pope can abrogate the traditional Mass and no permission from Pope or Bishop is needed to celebrate that Mass.

My question is why? Why did Bergoglio do this? My initial take is he must be feeling the heat from lots of different quarters, and has decided to go incrementally, contenting himself for the time being by merely cancelling 99% of all Diocesan Latin Masses and by bringing heat to the Ecclesia Dei communities in the more strident Francisdioceses. Kill the revival of the Mass as much as he can without buying a fight with those who have indicated they will resist him. Wait until they are completely isolated.

Too cynical? Too facile? I am open to other interpretations. But good news is good news, I must admit, even if it goes to further give credence to the false base premise that this man has the authority to do any of what has transpired.