The execrable move of the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago to “shut down” (in the words of Fr. Z) the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in that Archdiocese merits a vigorous response. I know what I would do. What the Institute will do I can only guess.

Pray for its Superiors and the faithful that Cupich wants to spiritually slaughter. Petty, vindictive move by a petty, vindictive hireling of the worst order.

But Tim, isn’t the Institute a Society of Apostolic Right? Doesn’t its charter allow exclusive recourse to the timeless Mass? How can Cupich do this? Doesn’t the Pope have to approve it? Well, certainly the Pope has to approve it (either legally or politically— Cupich is nothing if not mad for power over others).

Will anyone, ANYONE, do something about the question of our time? Just WHO is the pope? Because I doubt Pope Benedict is behind this.

I have no vote on the Institute response—so far, they have held the line, and deserve credit for it.

But for what it’s worth, I would carry on as usual regardless of this lawless act. Publish Mass times for August and thumb in the eye.