I cannot resist quoting Bob Dylan. The title above is from his anthemic song about the salvific action of Christ, Pay in Blood. Listen to it now. I’ll wait.

But this post, while reminding me of the above line, isn’t about Bob at all. It’s about “This is how.” It’s about the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSS). I’ll explain.

In a post over at Gloria TV about the satanic attacks of the Archbishop of Chicago against one of the finest Catholic priestly societies in the Church today, a post that relates how the ICRSS did not sign a letter that contains falsehoods and would neuter the entire Institute, not to mention would abandon the timeless Mass for the mess of pottage that is the n.o., one comment caught my eye:

“This is a big test for ICKSP. I’m curious to see how they will handle this.”

Well, This Is How. They didn’t sign the letter.

They now have incurred the petty wrath of a mid-manger servant of a truly satanic agenda. The “test” isn’t “how will the Institute get back at the Cardinal?” No. The test is “will the Institute betray its charism and abandon the timeless Mass?” And they have not.

The very interesting question of what happens next is not the same as how will the Institute handle the test. To date, they have passed it. They signed no letter of betrayal. They didn’t abandon Our Lord.

Whatever prudential decisions they make to care for the many souls attached to them may or may not be what internet Catholics, desperate for any check on the agenda of evil, would like to see in the heat of the moment. Count me among these people much of the time.


That isn’t the test. The test is whether the ICRSS will remain true to Christ, His Mass, and their own charism.

So far so good.

They do not seek confrontation, but it is clear that there are lines that will not be crossed. They are doing well in a tough spot, and have an worldwide flock to consider. They deserve our prayers and support.

I have seen nothing yet to shake my confidence in them. Veritatem facientes in caritate.