Your lightning lighted the world; the earth quivered and trembled. – Introit, Feast of the Transfiguration

“The only way out of this is for someone in authority, which we all know at this point means Cardinal Burke – let’s stop pretending there is anyone else with the authority of the illegally deposed Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura (aka Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court) – to end this Antipapacy and BREAK THE CYCLE outside of supernatural intervention.” HERE

Cardinal Burke, you were born for this, for this you came into the world. God works through men, and men are called to do God’s work. God desiring to carry out His Divine Will through men of His choosing is the very fabric of the bible, further testified through the lives of the saints. Your Eminence, this is your time, your time to be transformed into a saint, perhaps even a Doctor of the Church. It’s been nine years; you know full well there is no way Bergoglio is pope, and you know that antipopes need to be deposed in real time, by real men and women who know the truth and have the conviction to get it done. Bergoglio is openly worshipping demons, for all the world to see, and he installed a demon at St. Peter’s. What exactly is it going to take? You need not even start with any sort of declaration of moral certainty, you just need to set things in motion. Try this: “Significant irregularities have been discovered concerning the purported February 2013 resignation of Pope Benedict XVI which need to be investigated.” Trust me, legions of canonists, Latinists, theologians, and historians are waiting for this signal, and will pounce like a tiger when given the chance.

Readership, you need to get in on this. I am asking everyone to please pray one extra Rosary for Cardinal Burke, today or tomorrow, and make it the Sorrowful Mysteries, with a concentration on the fruit of the third mystery:


Thank you.