I am a Catholic who lives in St. Louis and who supports the Traditional Mass and Sacraments.  I temporarily lost my sanity and started a blog.  Now I’m stuck updating content.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I discovered your site–https://stlouiscatholic.wordpress.com serendipitously as I was seeking info about the Latin Mass said at St.Gregory the Great and St. Augustine of Canterbury Oratory. Although I’m computer literate and use it daily, I’m not a “blog person” yet–don’t understand the dynamic either as a congtributor or as a reader. Although it would mean more work, I wonder if your info transformed into a e-newsletter sent regularly to people who sign up would work better. I know the Novus Ordo people are not hesitant to send us e-newsletters. But it’s probably more work than you might want to take on. My big question is: Why doesn’t the aforementioned Oratory list its Masses in the St. Louis Review along with St. Francis de Sales and the Novus Ordo Latin Mass now being said. The latter two are always in the weekly calendar. But I never see any mention of the Creve Coeur oratory. I once attended the Latin Mass of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, which the Creve Coeur Oratory replaced. The latter seems to have neither an email contact nor a website. There is a phone number but one has to call the Bede Price, OSB. I hesitate to do that when just seeking general information. Feel free to give my email address to some member of the Creve Coeur Oratory’s membership. I’d like to know if they are still in existence and why they don’t broadcast their efforts in the Review a little more. St. Francis de Sales is pretty far for us to travel. The Creve Coeur Oratory would be closer. The former pummels us with ads and news in the Review. One would be hard pressed to know if the Creve Coeur Oratory still is in operation. Thanks for listening.

  2. thetimman said:

    This site is not active. My active site is http://stlouiscatholic.blogspot.com

    If you go here, you can sign up for an RSS feed that will update you automatically.

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