1865: the Loss of Free and Responsible Government

“Colonel Stuart, if I had my way we would show no quarter to the enemy. No more than the redskins showed your troopers. The black flag, sir.

“If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property. It is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity … … the loss of free and responsible government. It is the triumph of commerce. The banks, factories.

“We should meet the invader on the verge of just defense… …and raise the black flag. No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides. Our political leadership is too timid to face the reality of this coming war. They should look to the Bible. It is full of such wars. Only the black flag will bring the North to its senses and rapidly end the war.”

One Can Only Pray This Is True

The euphemistically-named baby murderers over at Planned Parenthood have announced that they may be forced to stop performing abortions at their St. Louis abortuary. If true, and we all know we can count on the honesty of people who make obscene profits by killing babies, it would make the state of Missouri an abortion-free state.

One more reason to love Missouri.

Abortion is the anti-sacrament of the left; it won’t be ended so easily. The strategy at the moment is to paint pro-life legislators as extremists by scaring people with an idea of a puritanical type theocracy where women are slaves to misogynistic laws. “No access to reproductive health anywhere in the state” is a cudgel. We’ll see how it turns out.

Again, one can only hope and pray.

De Profundis

129:1 De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine ;

129:2 Domine, exaudi vocem meam. Fiant aures tuæ intendentes in vocem deprecationis meæ.

129:3 Si iniquitates observaveris, Domine, Domine, quis sustinebit ?

129:4 Quia apud te propitiatio est ; et propter legem tuam sustinui te, Domine. Sustinuit anima mea in verbo ejus :

129:5 speravit anima mea in Domino.

129:6 A custodia matutina usque ad noctem, speret Israël in Domino.

129:7 Quia apud Dominum misericordia, et copiosa apud eum redemptio.

129:8 Et ipse redimet Israël ex omnibus iniquitatibus ejus.

Bergoglio Hates Europe, or at Least His Masters Do

The headline, following significant victories by national sovereignty parties in EU elections, is this:

Pope Francis sounds racism alarm as EU nationalists win big

I suppose this could be a permanently pinned post.

The European order was saved by the Catholic faith in the wake of the destruction of the Roman Empire. The Church saved its history and preserved its future, culminating in the glory of Christendom. The remnants of order today, now that the last five centuries have decimated Christendom, are found in the existence of nation states with a meaningfully Catholic population. Of course this is on the way out, too, but the embers of that glorious flame of Christendom sometimes flare up, to the embarrassment of communists and globalists–like those in charge of the Vatican.

And so they call names. Racist. Hate. And they smear good people with the labels they themselves act out.

In France, Britain and Italy, those who love their countries made significant gains. And in Italy especially, where a simple politician did rebuke the putative pope by doing what Bergoglio would never do– holding up a Holy Rosary, kissing it with love of the Virgin, and consecrating his efforts, his life, his people, to Mary– the party of national sovereignty gained a majority.

The elitists are stunned, so Bergoglio calls the opponents of the elites “elitists” The would-be destroyers of the native races of each European nation call their targets of destruction “racists”. The man who lives behind walls, in a country with no immigration, decries walls.

He and his masters don’t want to save Europe. It is inconvenient to them, and they want to replace it.

Salvini, as did Pope Benedict XVI, cites the patrons of Europe, like St. Benedict. Bergoglio, like the UN, cites humanitarianism and centralized control.

I have no illusions that this, or any, political effort, will solve our problems. But I am firmly convinced that Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God, will solve them, and will triumph over her, and our, enemies. Thats why this little effort, invoking her heart, catches my attention.

Can we not see how much good would follow the pope consecrating Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, as she has asked him to do?

Missouri Set to Ban Abortions after 8 Weeks

Of course, this is not good enough, compared to what the brave legislators and governor of Alabama have done, but it is still an excellent and necessary bill.

Legislation in Georgia, Missouri, Alabama and other places are the vehicles for the Supreme Court to do what it should do– if the Constitution means anything to them (ahem, no, I’m not on drugs)– overturn Roe v. Wade.

The minimum justifiable position on abortion is that the Constitution is silent on the issue, and hence the states, in their sovereign police power, can put any or all restrictions on abortion that they choose to do.  Moreover, in my humble legal opinion, the 5th and 14th Amendments justify a total ban on abortion in every state.

But, knowing the diabolical forces arrayed against little babies, and the wimpiness of most legislators and judges, this panoply of various bans, restrictions and all other strictures short of a total ban give the Court the opportunity to greatly curtail the genocide using one of these state laws as a platform.

So, rejoice.  There is little enough reason to rejoice these days.

Law. Logic. Feeling. Another Reasonable Call to Investigate this Mess.

Today’s Catholic internet news is this post from the blogger at That the Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill. Read it. I have canvassed this subject before. Others have parsed the law governing the abdication, conclave, and pontificate at issue. But I defy you to read this good, thorough, heartfelt plea from a faithful Catholic and tell me why the question of whether Benedict is or is not still pope is off limits.

I have no authority to say so if he is. But everything in me screams that we are in totally horrible, unprecedented waters. As the post states, if Francis is who they claim him to be, Christ’s promises have to be interpreted in a radically different way than we all grew up understanding them. Undoubtedly, those who adhere to the Francis is of course the pope position would retort exactly that. But it doesn’t FEEL right. It has NEVER felt right.

Yes, From where I sit I cannot decide whether Francis is pope. But the question is legitimate, and those charged with the care of souls have a DUTY to investigate, and to report to the faithful in a transparent way.

Read the whole thing. An extended quote:

The concerns the letter writers express about Pope Francis build a compelling case that Pope Francis is a heretic and wilfully so. I would add nothing nor take away from anything they have said about the man who daily, with more and more urgency, makes a mockery of all that Holy Mother Church holds as sacred, venerable and holy.

What I would say is that if it is the case that Pope Francis is a heretic, or can be spoken of as such, Holy Church somehow, sooner rather than later, needs to revisit the subject of why generations upon generations upon generations of Catholics have held this supreme moment of crisis to be an impossibility, because the Office is preserved by Christ Himself for the Salvation of souls and the preservation of the Most Holy Faith in the Church which He loves and for Whom He Himself gave Himself up to Death. This Church, the Catholic Church, the One True Church, His Bride it is which is imperilled by the man the Church and the World knows as Pope Francis. We must however know for certain whether ‘Pope Francis’ exists or whether we are confronting with his heresies ‘Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’. Yes, that is important.

God can allow a great delusion to be sent among the people of God from within the bosom of the Church. God permitted Martin Luther to do precisely this. Yes, in His “permissive will”, God can allow a great delusion which will lead souls to believe their own grievous errors. Catholics have not previously accepted that God would permit that this scandal would originate from His own Vicar. Saints and scholars have raised the possibility as one to be studied, but the belief that it could happen has never been either partially or universally accepted. Yes, there is your paradigm shift. That is the real reason you and I suffer so much. Every aspect of our Faith is under attack, including our belief that the Pope will not, by God’s Providence, lead the People of God along the broad road to perdition.

Therefore, if we are going to accuse the man who leads, not merely promotes, the destruction of Christian faith and morals, by subterfuge mainly, but sometimes in a brazen and naked manner, a man who does this in any possible way he can without giving away his evil plan entirely or unmasking himself completely, a man who instills within the Church, at all levels, unprecedented fear and who micromanages a tyranny of relativism from what we are led to believe is the very summit of the Church, if we are going to accuse that man of heresy, that man divinely appointed with supreme authority in the Holy Church of God, whom no man, no authority on Earth can judge, well, we had better be 100% certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that that man is the Pope.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Consecration of oneself to Jesus Christ, Wisdom Incarnate, through the hands of Mary

Eternal and incarnate Wisdom, most lovable and adorable Jesus, true God and true man, only Son of the eternal Father and of Mary always Virgin, I adore you profoundly, dwelling in the splendor of your Father from all eternity, and in the virginal womb of Mary, your most worthy Mother, at the time of your Incarnation.

I thank you for having emptied yourself in assuming the condition of a slave to set me free from the cruel slavery of the evil one. I praise and glorify you for having willingly chosen to obey Mary, your holy Mother, in all things, so that through her I may be your faithful slave of love. But I must confess that I have not kept the vows and promises which I made to you so solemnly at my baptism. I have not fulfilled my obligations, and I do not deserve to be called your child or even your slave. Since I cannot lay claim to anything except what merits your rejection and displeasure, I dare no longer approach the holiness of your majesty on my own. That is why I turn to the intercession and the mercy of your holy Mother, whom you yourself have given me to mediate with you. Through her I hope to obtain from you contrition and pardon for my sins, and that Wisdom whom I desire to dwell in me always.

I turn to you, then, Mary Immaculate, living tabernacle of God, in whom Eternal wisdom willed to receive the adoration of both men and angels. I greet you as Queen of heaven and earth, for all that is under God has been made subject to your sovereignty. I call upon you, the unfailing refuge of sinners, confident in your mercy that has never forsaken anyone. Grant my desire for divine Wisdom and, in support of my petition, accept the promises and the offering of myself which I now make, conscious of my unworthiness. I, an unfaithful sinner, renew and ratify today through you my baptismal promises. I renounce forever Satan, his empty promises, and his evil designs, and I give myself completely to Jesus Christ, the incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross after Him for the rest of my life, and to be more faithful to Him than I have been till now.

This day, with the whole court of heaven as witness, I choose you, Mary, as my Mother and Queen. I surrender and consecrate myself to you, body and soul, as your slave, with all that I possess, both spiritual and material, even including the value of all my good actions, past, present, and to come. I give you the full right to dispose of me and all that belongs to me, without any reservations, in whatever way you please, for the greater glory of God in time and throughout eternity.

Accept, gracious Virgin, this little offering of my slavery to honor and imitate the obedience which Eternal Wisdom willingly chose to have towards you, his Mother. I wish to acknowledge the authority which both of you have over this pitiful sinner. By it, I wish also to thank God for the privileges bestowed on you by the Blessed Trinity. I declare that for the future, I will try to honor and obey you in all things, as your true slave of love.

O admirable Mother, present me to your dear Son as His slave, now and for always, so that He who redeemed me through you, will now receive me through you. Mother of mercy, grant me the favor of obtaining the true Wisdom of God, and so make me one of those whom you love, teach and guide, whom you nourish and protect as your children and slaves.

Virgin most faithful, make me in everything so committed a disciple, imitator, and slave of Jesus, your Son, incarnate Wisdom, that I may become, through your intercession and example, fully mature with the fullness which Jesus possessed on earth, and with the fullness of His glory in heaven. Amen.

–by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort