I know this news has been out there (for those who care about actual news) for few days now, but I think it would be a good idea to simply ponder the ENORMITY of this news, and the far-reaching consequences of it. Economic. Political. Geopolitical. Spiritual most of all.

You have a life insurance policy? Who will pay out on it when the company is out of business due to an actuarial failure of 40%?

You have a job? Are your customers still alive to buy your product? Are your co-workers and bosses alive to keep your company going?

Are you a consumer? Are the people making the things you want or need still making them?

You have a country? How is your population stability and health? Strong enough to deter enemies who would like to take your stuff and kill you?

You get the idea. And as for the Church, well we all knew it would come down to a Remnant Church, and the global cabal and their flunkie Bergoglio are sure doing their best to make it as Remnant-y as possible, as fast as possible. But don’t worry about their sepulchral anti-church having killed off, spiritually and physically, their misguided flock. They are fully paid off by the cabal itself. Why do you think they are so aligned with the Chinese communists and the global homo/pedo elites?

Resorting to lies, coercion, propaganda, censorship and violence to force injections into everyone (except themselves—don’t be fooled into thinking they actually take the real deathvaxx themselves) ought to prompt any sane and thinking person, as Candace Owens says, to wonder what in the actual hell is in them.

The point to all of these observations is that we are in a massively unstable and destabilizing period in history. The kind of moment that is almost always resolved, for better or worse, by war.

Get ready for a much bumpier ride the next year or so…