Livin’ on a prayer.

My oldest son moved out of the house and began his real-man life today. A proud moment for me, and exciting for him. He is out of law school and into a real career.

My oldest daughter got married and left 6 years ago. Another daughter moved to Ft. Worth for her career this Summer. And this Fall, yet another daughter went off to college.

That leaves four at home. Four down, four to go. I miss them all, though obviously their moving on is a very good thing.

With children ranging from 8 to 28, we have been living for a while now in this weird dual life with young children but also with adult children and grandchildren. The house has always seemed full, though, as there have been still seven children at home until this August. Then boom-boom-boom—three more are gone.

Now the place seems empty, and I see how this all ends. Makes me feel a little wistful, if you couldn’t tell. Compounding the feeling today is a freeze warning for our area, which has caused us to bring in ALL the tomatoes, green to red, to prevent them from being lost.

I suppose there is a metaphor there. You have a plan, you see it through, but you don’t expect the end when it comes. And it comes quickly.

I’m grateful. But as I’ve written in the past when friends have departed my life, I can feel that Christ is reminding me that in the end I must detach myself from all creatures and give myself entirely to Him. Thus I can possess Him for all eternity, and gain all else with it.

Livin’ on a prayer.