Three items for your consideration:

In primis, take Rafael Nadal, who instead of supporting Novak Djokovic’s principled stand against taking a poisonous gene serum, benefited from the absence of the best player in tennis history to “win” the Australian Open in 2022. That diluted win “makes” him the “leader” in Grand Slam titles, one ahead of Djokovic and Federer. His comments when asked about Djokovic’s deportation?: The rules are the rules. Craven and callous at the same time. Now fast forward two months, and it seems that the Spaniard is having some “sudden”, “unexplained”, “coincidental” health problems:

‘As reported earlier tennis champion Rafael Nadal was “left concerned” after suffering breathing problems during his defeat to Taylor Fritz in Indian Wells.

‘Nadal had battled through several close matches to reach the final and needed treatment at the end of his semi-final against Carlos Alcaraz on Saturday.

‘On Sunday, following the match, Rafael Nadal told reporters, “When I try to breathe, it’s painful… It feels like needles.”’

No one wants Nadal to have a serious health outcome, regardless of his actions. I pray he does not. But if he does, will this make anybody see what’s happening here? Probably not. People are mad, and suicidal to boot, all the while blind.

Item 2: Soy Boy Dictator Sam Page, the testosterone-free Executive of St. Louis County, has suffered the tragic loss of his Covid 19 lead policy-maker, who “died suddenly” (the new “safe and effective”) at age 37. No word on autopsy results, and there are those who are trying to blame a drug overdose. But it doesn’t smell right just the same. This woman was a “champion” for killing babies “reproductive health rights”, and mask and vaccine mandates, so please, she needs prayers for her soul.

Finally, the greatest hero for democracy in the world today banned the main opposition political party, along with several others. Here he is, pictured with Justin Trudeau, pansy-dictator of Canada, who also stood up for democracy so well just last month: