The oily, smarmy technospeak of the Cupich’s spokesman in responding to press inquiries about his crushing of the Mass and the ICRSP in Chicago is infuriating to read. Here is an excerpt from the story at the Chicago Sun-Times:


[A representative of the Shrine restoration effort] said the ban came from the archdiocese under a directive issued early this year to bring parishes and shrines in line with a papal decree aimed at limiting Mass being celebrated in Latin. Christ the King Church only celebrates Mass in Latin.

But a representative of the archdiocese disputed Blackman, saying the decision to stop the Masses was made by the church.

“They chose to discontinue the Masses and sent the archdiocese a letter [on July 31] stating that they would stop offering Mass and other sacraments at the Shrine,” said Susan Thomas, a spokeswoman for the archdiocese. “They were not denied. We did not ban them. They chose to discontinue altogether.”

“The Shrine had the option to continue Latin Mass under the guidelines and decided not to,” Thomas added. “It is a false statement that we have a citywide Latin Mass ban. That’s simply untrue. Latin Mass is offered in the archdiocese.”


To draw an analogy, if Cardinal Cupich and his spokesman had been government officials they would have denied causing the deaths of people they forced to take the gene serum by responding, “That is a false statement. They voluntarily chose to get the vaccine. They simply could’ve allowed us to take away their jobs and their children and their ability to travel and their ability to buy food or go anywhere or have a life or go to church and worship or any of the other things to make human life worthwhile. There are many people in our diocese who did not actually die.”

The devil is very pleased with those advancing his agenda in Chicago.