“Certainly the greatest defect we have in our prayers and in all that happens to us, particularly in that which concerns tribulations, is our lack of confidence. because of that lack we do not deserve to receive the help we desire and ask for. Now, such confidence always accompanies attentive faith, which is great or little according to the measure of our confidence. When Saint Peter and the other apostles were in the boat with their Lord, and noticed the storm come up, they became frightened and called upon His assistance. In that they did well, for it is to Him we should have recourse and from Him we should expect all our help. But when they saw the waves swelling higher and higher and their good Master still asleep, they became very excited and cried out, Lord save us! We are perishing! The Saviour reproved them, saying, ‘Ye men of little faith.’ [Matt. 8:24-36]. By this He meant, ‘How little your faith is, since on this occasion when you ought to show it all the more, you lack confidence. Since your confidence is little, so also is your faith.’”

— from a Sermon for the first Thursday in Lent, by St. Francis de Sales